What Our Patients Are Saying!

Thank you so much for my visit today. I'm so pleased. Thank you so for your service. God bless you have a blessed day.
May 10, 2022

Linda Smith

Megan was very helpful and able to answer all my questions and more!

Isabel Acuna Verda

I really appreciate the customer service that you guys show me. Everyone is kind and very informative as well. I have and will continue to refer people i know to try out your office. Thanks for Your Great service!!
July 13, 2021

-Bo LEe

Thank you for a very good experience. All of you make it that way. I missed being able to see Dr. Eva.
July 13, 2021

Connie Chambers

Had a great visit with Dr . Eva Goriee. She did a thorough job of cleaning my teeth. She made me feel very comfortable despite my anxiety. Meghan in the front office was very friendly and helpful. So glad I chose Smile Shapers and Dr. Eva as my dentist !May 29, 2020

Lydia Contu

I get anxious about going to the dentist but Meghan and Victor both do their best to make me feel very comfortable and stay relaxed during my visits :)
April 30, 2021


-Alyssa duncker

Staff is so nice, courteous, and helpful. They help you have a great dental experience.
March 18, 2021

Brian meadows

As always it’s great service love coming to see Dr. Gorier and the whole team.
January 21, 2020

Jacline Esho

Very nice, understanding, and knowledgeable staff. Love Dr Eva. January 9, 2020

Bob Dickson

In all honesty Smile Shapers is the BEST dentist that I have ever been to. Starting with a clean waiting area, followed by the professionalism of the front desk employees. Everyone there along with Dr. Goriee is very comforting and make you feel very relaxed. I myself hate the dentist, but when I go to Dr. Goriee I don't mind it one bit because she's very educating and also makes you feel very welcomed. Dr. Goriee goes over everything with you from your treatment plan to going over your x-rays and explaining in detail what everything is. I would recommend Smile Shapers to all my family and friends!

Alex 8/20/2014

Dr. Goriee is amazing! She is very understanding, helpful, caring, and full of knowledge. She and her staff provide excellent service during every visit.I had a very bad experience with another dentist and was afraid to try another dentist. But, from the moment I walked in I felt at ease. From the clean environment to the friendly staff, everything about Dr. Goriee's office is amazing! I recommend her to everyone I can!

Lej F. 10/20/2016

Had a great visit with Dr. Eva Goriee. She did a thorough job of cleaning my teeth. She made me feel very comfortable despite my anxiety. Becky in the front office was very friendly and helpful. So glad I chose Smile Shapers and Dr. Eva as my dentist!


All done! Even with the hiccup of the wrong crown being sent by the manufacturer...she still managed to keep things on track. This was big since I rearranged my work schedule to fit all the work I needed in. (I had definitely put some dental work off...by years so alot was done. )
Can't say it enough...AMAZING dentist.
This woman certainly met her calling and I am so grateful to have found her years ago!
Plus today...embarrassed to say my dental anxiety kicked into high gear. She was AWESOME!!! I also learned the right side of my jaw is far more sensitive than left...no problem for Dr. Eva! Impressed!
Simply grateful, relieved and now...peace of mind.


As always it's great service. Love coming to see Dr. Goriee and the whole team.


Very nice, understanding, and knowledgeable staff. Love Dr. Eva.


I love my dentist office. Beautiful people.


From the moment we walked in the door the lady at the front desk was very pleasant and had such a beautiful smile. As we proceeded to see the dentist which was Doctor Shanelle she made us feel so relaxed and every word that came out of her mouth was just so genuine. The visit was just so good we wouldn't dare going anywhere else and we have left before but we're back to stay. May god bless you and keep you all and your families.

E. A. and S.A.

Doctor Goriee and staff are wonderful. I had damaged my teeth so badly from grinding at night and had to have work on more than half of my teeth. Dr. Goriee and her staff were gentle and professional but also made me feel very comfortable and safe. The work was done with a lot of care and detailed oriented by Dr. Goriee. My teeth (caps/crowns) are beautiful. I have received so many compliments on how beautiful my teeth and smile is.

Denise 9/18/14

Dr. Goiree has completed a lot of work on my teeth from basic fillings to crowns and 3 bridges, so I feel I have a good perspective on her abilities. She has kept me from losing most of my teeth due to a nutritional deficiency and periodontal disease. This might have proved quite a challenge to many Dentists but not her. She is also understanding, gentle and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone.

Eldridge 9/25/14

Dear Dr. Goiree,
Once again, thank you for the quick and excellent dental care on my follow up crown replacement. Your staff is so welcoming, and you are so thorough as a dentist. We especially appreciate how you always explain any work done and the options available to us.
Keep up the good reviews! We are glad that you haven a real practice in our dental care for many years!

Gregg & Shelby F.

The staff here has always been warm and accommodating. Dr. Goriee is wonderful! My appointments are prompt. Would highly recommend.

Jennifer W.

I can’t thank Dr. Goiree enough for her professionalism and kindness. Going to the dentist for me is very scary, she made it easier with her knowledge and great big happy smile. I have had crowns, and cleanings – nothing but success. My son Paul had veneers put on his teeth. He looks like a new person. Her office is run smoothly and efficiently. I recommend Dr. Goiree to anyone needing dental work, children as well.

Linda 9/16/14

From the making of the appointment to the completion of the work, everyone in the office is friendly, polite, professional, and does their job well.
Although I have a significant anxiety about dental work, Dr. Goriee of her staff kept me at ease every step of the way. Highly recommended.

Michelle P. 9/16/14

Dr Eva M. Goriee is the best dentist I have ever had, she is the best! She gets things done fast with great efficiency. Everyone in the office is very friendly and willing to get to know you, I like this because it makes me feel more comfortable during my visits.

Seth A 4/20/2017

I have been looking for a dentist and dental office for a long time. I tried several of them and none of them worked out. So I waited a long time and didn't got to a dentist for over a year and that wasn't like me at all. Then I came across this office on google. Thank you google I loooooove this place. The staff is so nice and friendly and Eva Goriee is the best. She doesn't force anything you don't want to do as far as treatment , she listens to you. Such a very comforting office.

Beverly 3/29/2017

The staff is really nice and very professional and make you feel very comfortable! I love coming here and they are up to date with technology!

Joslyn 10/20/2016

Ever since I was little I have had a horrible fear of the dentist, I started seeing the dentist here and she has completely changed my view on going to the dentist. You feel right at home with her and she makes things like fillings as painless as can be. I have never had such a great experience with dentists as I hAve had here, everyone that works there always has a smile on their face and they are all wonderful kind people, I would recommend this place to all of my family and friends. They are great people!


Can't say enough great things about Smile Shapers. Dr. Goriee and her staff are very friendly and exceptionally professional. As a college student with a tight budget, Smile Shaper's reasonable prices were attractive to me. I believe I can speak for most people when I say that I've never really enjoyed going to the dentist. But Dr. Goriee made some hefty cavities along with a crown replacement pain-free and easy. Dr. Goriee and her warm staff took their time during the procedures to listen and educate me about my dental hygiene. Whether you're a college kid, an adult, or a parent looking for an experienced and affordable place to send a child - Smile Shapers is the place for you. I highly recommend it.

Jesse 8/18/2013

I recently went to smile shapers to get my wisdom teeth removed its a great place with a very friendly and professional staff, i have no dental insurance and they were able to work with me on the price, they also have great rates and plans. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get any dental work done.

I absolutely love this dental office. Everyone is so professional and kind. I was so nervous while getting a root canal. Dr. Eva had another seasoned doctor watching her and he somehow sensed I was getting anxious so he placed his hand on top of mine. That calmed me. I will never visit another dentist office again as long as her office is open.


I been to a few different dentist offices in my time. Some good and some bad but this one stands out from them all. The staff is so nice and always willing to work with you. The doctor who owns the practice is the best I have ever met and believe me I needed alot of work.


Good morning everyone thank you all for giving me such love attention on my well being and health during this time. I can definitely see you have taken all necessary measures to make sure I am protected. I admit I was afraid to take my mask off but as long as I have been coming to you for my dental care you have always put my health and the dental first. Coupled with your beautiful smile although I can't very well I enjoy singing it is very relaxing during my visit. I am sending you and your team this because when I clean my teeth I see this beautiful full smile I realized we have a little more work to go but what you have done has brought me so much happiness. I get so many compliments on my teeth I will be sure to give you the credit because you deserve it and more. Thanks for putting the customer needs first you do just that. Thank you so much everyone at Smile Shapes Dental.


Staff is wonderful, from the office ladies to the dental hygienists. Always am made to fell comfortable and the answer my questions, putting me at ease! Dr. Eva aslo explains everything, never pushes anything. Leave the office feeling good!

Lydia Contu

I love my dentist office beautiful people.

Traveon Maddox

Absolutely love Smile Shapers Dental. They really do take care of their patients with full services. Highly recommended!!! We love Dr. Eva & Staff.

Marilyn Estrada-Acuna Santos

Absolutely love it here! The quality of care provided by the staff at Smile Shapers Dental is second to none! Dr. Eva is not only great at what she does but she is also a fantastic person! I would not hesitate at all recommending this place! Give them a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Eric Griffin

Dr> Eva Goriee is the best Dentist ever. She and her staff is personable, professional, comforting, informational and she offers the latest in cutting edge dental solutions to give you the best smile. If you are looking for a dentist office that has a concern for you and your smile, this is the place to go.

Dequice Scott Thomas

I never had a dentist who worked so well with my anxiety. We took break when needed. The staff answered emails and questions right away. They even remind me when I need receipts for my FSA card. I no longer dislike going to the dentist and my dental anxiety is better handled. The tea, is so caring and compassionate.

Kayla Eschenburg

So many health professionals in our life come and go. Doesn't seem like we all have the same family doctor, dentist for life like people once did. This dentist is one of those you want to keep. Both a caring doctor and successful business owner Dr Goriee runs an office where everyone cares and id's professional. Recommended to us as a dentist that makes even the most nervous child comfortable, my child no longer fears the dentist.

Jason Womack

I took my first kids to their first appointment here today! I was 100% satisfied with the staff and the kindness they showed! They took the time to explain things my husband and I and made our experience exceptional! My kids did great and feel so proud that they have now gone to the dentist and have learned new things about keeping their teeth healthy! I would recommend this place for adults and their children.

Monica Elder

There's not a better place in the world I would rather go. Their friendly, loving and caring. You can tell everyone loves their job. I live at lest 50 miles away from Smiles an I still wouldn't got to any other place.

Hayate Mah-Lon

My daughter has been a patient of Dr Goriee for a few years now and we just love her and her staff. They are always so nice and friendly. The clinic is always clean and kept up good.

Erica Brown

This dentist is AMAZING! I know this is long...but...knowing why I am giving my review I think is important and gives credibility.
I saw a bad review from 2014...I was even more surprised to realize I the person who left it. It implied the staff was awful and that they her just milking insurance. She is wrong!!!
(As a mom with a kid that also had to have cosmetic work done on a baby tooth somewhere else [because I had to use their dad's insurance]...it wasn't a milk job! The work had to be done because the adult tooth wasn't ready to come in yet and the cosmetic material was better suited for the situation. The cosmetic aspect was not the deciding factor in needing to use it...it was the durability of the material vs using the less expensive [not pretty] material. I too wasn't happy with the cost especially since it was ultimately a waste of money on a baby tooth but once I shut up and listened...it made sense! The key is learning to listen...it will educate you plus prove whether or not you can trust them. Besides if you gut says no then get a 2nd opinion!)
Anyway I met Dr. Eva several years ago when I needed a root canal and a crown. I was advised I needed additional work but chose to put it off. Including a custom bite guard. I was warned without a guard, because of my grinding, I could damage the crown. But it was expensive and I felt I could find something for less. Well you get what you pay for! I did find something for less, several somethings for less because I ground right through them. As predicted the grinding that cheap guards didn't prevent...after 4 years took a toll and I ended up breaking the crown. Note: a proper bite guard helps stop grinding...cheap guards just prevent the teeth from grinding and doesn't actually help stop it. So hindsight...didn't really save any money now did I?
While getting the crown fixed...I ended up getting the fillings done that I should have done 4 years earlier. This is where Dr. Eva is AMAZING...the temporary crown was rubbing my gum...didn't know this and I called because I thought maybe I was getting an infection...my jaw ached. They suggested I come in...took a quick look and made an adjustment and all was good. They even followed up with me...WOW! Few days later while waiting for the crown to come in I had 4 fillings done...that afternoon once my mouth thawed I found a tiny burr...do you think I could keep my tongue off it? NO! It had manifested into this thing driving me crazy. I called and they said come back up...same day...I popped in...I was in & out with a quick adjustment. WOW! The next day came & it was time for the crown along with 2 more fillings. I am embarrassed to say...but my anxiety flared it's ugly head. DR. Eva was a PRO! I was struggling, she picked up on my body language took immediate action and I was able to settle down. It was perfect! Very grateful! That afternoon once my mouth thawed I was fine...no issue. The next day she checked on me again...not kidding! I felt like I was being a wuss afterall I just had a lot of work done but...my jaw was aching again. Now I already feel like a pain in arse...I complained about the temp. crown, then the burr...then struggled with my anxiety... and now I was gonna complain my jaw ached...seriously? So I was sheepishly was honest and was told nope...I needed to come in...turned out I just needed another minor adjustment.
I am now realizing the obvious...that was not obvious to me...dental work is custom and requires adjustments. YEP...read that again! If you are like me that is an ahhhh...duh...moment!
I am feeling really stupid for saying it...but I never really thought about it like that!!!
But Dr. Eva gets it! She knows how the average person thinks and through her follow up effort...she is making sure you REALLY are good...not just dealing with something because you think you have too. WOW! That mindset changes everything!
I have learned to be grateful for amazing people and I truly believe she is a gift t


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